Extra Virgin Olive Oil / Organic

Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Organic farming, exclusively obtained from olives of one crop year. It is packaged unfiltered after the process of extraction.

It is a Product of Organic Farming that is produced by environmentally friendly processes, with responsible use of natural resources, while at the same time contributing to the maintenance of nature’s biological cycles. It is packaged unfiltered in order to maintain the high nutritional value of olive oil with all the beneficial secondary ingredients.

  • Unfiltered
  • One Crop Year
  • Certified Producers of Lakonia
  • Certified by DIO Organization in accordance with Reg.(EC) 834/2007.
  • Cold Extraction
  • Shake before use

750ml – Metal Tin with safety cap 12 pcs/box – 44 boxes / europallet
100ml – glass bottle with not refillable screw (ideal for portion of restaurant) 40 pcs/box