Kalamon Olives – ΧΑΡΑΚΤΗ

Kalamon Olives (engraved) of one crop year in brine and extra virgin olive oil MOLON LAVE.

Engraved Kalamon Olives ΧΑΡΑΚΤΗ, are large olives, with thin skin, solid body and fruity aromas. They are produced by the Laconian traditional recipe of the G.S. Vlachos family, since 1969.

The engraving of Kalamon Olives is part of a traditional procedure that has been going on for many decades in Lakonia. This procedure ensures that the taste of the olive is preserved in an absolutely natural way, due to the ingredients of salt and vinegar which permeate the olive crust and delicate it.

It is a Non-pasteurized product.
No preservatives.

Tip for best enjoyment:
After each serving along with the olives, remove from the jar and the corresponding quantity of brine. Ideally, add one tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil MOLON LAVE.

Glass jar of total weight 1.300gr
Net Weight: Net Weight: 805gr
Drained Weight: 550gr
Glass jar 9 pcs/ box – 72 boxes / europallet